Throwback Thursday: 1965
By Kelly Bullock 3 years ago In Listen   Comments: Comments Off on Throwback Thursday: 1965

It’s only fair in this now trend-following social media world that we live in, that on Thursdays we treat you with some type of throwback post musically. Whether that is early 2000’s or as far back as the 1920’s it is important to recognize and honor past musicians and artists. The Mama’s and the Papa’s were a Folk Rock group that found success in the mid to late 1960’s during one of the most turbulent and progressive decades in the United States. The group featuring four singers, two men and two women had several successful singles one of them being ‘California Dreamin’ in 1965. The video is their performance of the song live with accompanying photos of the group. The highlight is around 40 seconds when Denny Doherty, steps in to sing a solo. From Doherty’s hair to his electrifying voice accompanied by the flawless background harmonies of the rest of the the group this song makes you want to sing a long and realize that you just might be dreaming of California and all the greatness that comes with it.

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