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Hidden Gem Of The Week: Laguna Beach Tide Pools Pt.2

Your new hidden gem of the week is here! This week we headed down to Laguna Beach, California to ch

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Happy Valentine’s Day Eve everyone!! Tomorrow is usually either the best or worst day for people but if there’s one thing t

This week on Throwback Thursday we are going back to 1983 to feature the one of a kind Marvin Gaye. The reason for this feature is that

Every Wednesday I will be featuring new artists that most likely a lot of people haven’t heard of yet. Today we are featuring JCB

PAUL MCCARTNEY!! His name is Paul McCartney children and if you don’t know who he is or who the Beatles are then you absolutely n

“A shoe guaranteed to make a kid run faster and jump higher” – Smalls (Sandlot 1993)   Anyone who has ever seen

While we were all being ooed and aaed with the Grammys last night Kendrick Lamar and his Top Dawg Entertainment cohort were strategical

Yesterday the biggest night in music didn’t disappoint with many memorable performances. I had the honor and privelege to attend

Usually at the beginning of any week sleep is something that we all could use a little more of, to say the least. That’s why toda

If there is one thing we learned from the Super Bowl halftime performance its not that sharks are suspect dancers but it is that man do

Over the Super Bowl weekend three big names in the young and vibrant hip hop scene released a single that is getting a ton of buzz. The

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