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JetBlue’s New “Self-Boarding” Technology Will Let You Board a Plane Using a Selfie

JetBlue has announced that it will soon allow customers to board flights using selfies. The airline

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Who would pay $50 for a bottle of nail polish? Any woman who adores Christian Louboutin, of course. Arguably, the world’s most pr

A little less than a week ago the Imagine Dragons released their second studio album, ‘Smoke + Mirrors’. This Rock group is

FOLLOW LINK BELOW FOR LIVE FEED http://www.air-style.com/en/watch-live Yesterday as well as today Shaun White the famous snowboarder is

If you read our Grammy post a few weeks ago, we highlighted when Kanye tried to walk up on stage during Becks ‘Album of the Year&

Kanye West Returned To The Breakfast Club to talk meeting Ralph Lauren During NYFW, Kylie & Tyga, Adidas & Yeezy Collaboration

AC/DC opened up the Grammy’s recently and they set the tone for the rest of the show with their accustomed, uncontested level of

If you read our post earlier this week Kanye West, Sia and Vic Mensa performed the song ‘Wolves’ from Kanye’s upcomin

Earlier this week on Monday, Passion Pit released their first single, ‘Lifted Up (1985)’ and the following day they release

If you liked our post earlier this week about Big Sean’s ‘Win Some, Lose Some’ you need to check out another single t

  We all love and enjoy drake quotes. So here are 17 Situations Where You Should of Use Drake Quotes. 1.When your Pissed at your e

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