La Musique: Uptown Funk
By Kelly Bullock 3 years ago In Listen   Comments: Comments Off on La Musique: Uptown Funk

The weekend is here and with it should be some music that you can celebrate with. If there has been one song that everyone and their mama has been playing it is without a doubt ‘Uptown Funk’ by Mark Ronson and Bruno Mars. This track comes from Ronson’s album, ‘Uptown Special’ released earlier this month. Ronson actually uses a sample of Trinidad James’ song ‘All Gold Everything’ to make this funkadelic masterpiece. As soon as the intro begins and the baseline kicks in it’s impossible not to start moving your body until before you know it you are out of your chair full on dancing. Younger generations especially millenials are completely unfamiliar with groups like ‘Parliament Funkadelic’ and others who made the genre of ‘Funk’ in the 1960’s but this song has every sound that brings back memories for those who do. The clip attached is one of the first live performances of the song on ‘Saturday Night Live’ in November of last year. The energy of Bruno Mars and his backup dancers and singers combined with the funky guitar play of Mark Ronson make this song both great to listen to and watch. Have a funky weekend and enjoy.



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