La Musique: Chairlift Covers Beyonce
By Kelly Bullock 3 years ago In Listen   Comments: Comments Off on La Musique: Chairlift Covers Beyonce

Today’s second clip features the indie pop band Chairlift, most widely known for their song ‘Bruises’ covered the Beyonce song, ‘Party’ back in 2012. Accompanying Chairlift on the cover is the rapper Kool A.D. of Das Racist who provides a very fun and playful verse, which his group is definitely known to do. For those of you that don’t know this Chairlift cover is just one part of the segment called ‘Like a Version’ on the Australian radio station Triple J. It’s easy to see how versatile and beautiful Chairlift’s lead singer, Caroline Polachek’s voice is as soon as she opens her mouth to sing. That along with her playful dancing all the way to Kool A.D.’s ending verse allows for the cover to truly stand out. Make sure to check this video out and don’t be afraid to enjoy and dance along.

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