Hidden Gem Of The Week: Low Key Poke Joint
By kenneth Dennis 8 months ago In Watch   Comments: Comments Off on Hidden Gem Of The Week: Low Key Poke Joint

This week the team headed down to riverside to hear about the buzz going down at the Low Key Poke Joint.

The Low-key Poke Joint started with a fun idea. Abe Yusof (founder) began experimenting in his own home with new flavors, developing different types of sauces that would work for their home-made poke bowls. Eventually, we realized this was something we wanted to share with the world. Thus, our restaurant was founded in 2015 to accomplish this simple mission: provide a high-quality, healthy poke our way – on the low-key. They  offer customizable Japanese-Hawaiian fusion at a 21st century pace. At Low-key Poke, they give customers complete control of their dining experience; you can choose from a wide variety of proteins, sides, and top-offs and eat them either in a bowl, a salad, or on our very own
taro chips. We work hard to guarantee only the best ingredients, including always-fresh seafood and our very own bamboo & green tea infused rice (BooTea Rice).

Some of our favorite dishes were the Sushi pizza and OG Hot Cheeto-Rito. Enjoy this next hidden gem of the week!

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