Usually at the beginning of any week sleep is something that we all could use a little more of, to say the least. That’s why toda

If there is one thing we learned from the Super Bowl halftime performance its not that sharks are suspect dancers but it is that man do

Over the Super Bowl weekend three big names in the young and vibrant hip hop scene released a single that is getting a ton of buzz. The

The weekend is here and with it should be some music that you can celebrate with. If there has been one song that everyone and their ma

Today’s second clip features the indie pop band Chairlift, most widely known for their song ‘Bruises’ covered the Bey

It’s only fair in this now trend-following social media world that we live in, that on Thursdays we treat you with some type of t

Since TLC reunited, they’ve performed at award shows, had a biopic made, toured the word, and now finally the R&B group has offic